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About Interpreters

How to request an interpreter

Usually, the request for an interpreter will need to be submitted by the agency hosting the event/activity. Depending on the agency’s familiarity with the process, I may contact the interpreting agency directly to collect information regarding their process and necessary forms. This applies to events at schools, doctor appointments, community classes, etc.


If you would like to request an interpreter as an individual, such as for a wedding, party, personal event, etc., you can contact the interpreting agency directly to set that up. Depending on where you’re located, you may also be able to reach out to local colleges if an interpreting program is offered. The interpreting students are often required to collect volunteer hours to earn their degree. This may be a cost effective option depending on the event.

Who pays for an interpreter?

In general, whoever is hosting the event pays for the interpreter. As stated above, a cost effective option may be to contact a local college that offers an interpreting program to see if they have interpreting student volunteers that need to collect hours.

Interpreting agencies

This list is geared more towards the Greater Rochester, New York area, though, many services are available remotely through the use of video conferencing.


If you have an interpreting agency that you like to work with,

please send it here to be added to the list.

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